NutrapH products line are acidifiers that designed for protection of feed materials against development of pathogenic bacteria, in particular Salmonella. NutrapH products are mixture of preservatives including pure forms of organic acids and their counterparts in the form of buffered substances such as ammonium and calcium salts. Advantage of this type of combination between acids and their bufferes salts is the possibility of using the product in premixtures, without the risk of interaction.

NutrapH Aqua is a well balanced, very concentrated mixture of organic acids meant to acidify and hygienize drinking water for poultry and piglets. The combination of highly concentrated acids protects the animals optimally against the invasion of pathogens by feed and/or drinking water. In this way Nutra-pH Aqua protects the health status of the gastro-intestinal tract and improves the zootechnical results. With Nutra-pH Aqua in the feed or drinking water re-infection with Salmonella, E. Coli or other acid-sensitive pathogens can be avoided effectively. Nutra-pH Aqua contains a small amount of copper sulphate to avoid growth of algae and biofilm formation in the drinking water system.

NutrapH Pre a combination of organic acids and their respective salts together with an innovative prebiotic component. The organic acid complex as one of the major ingredients effectively protects the proximal gastrointestinal tract by its antimicrobial mode of action. The prebiotic prebiotic complex in Nutra-pH Pre delivers highly available energy for villi growth to the small and large intestine. It therefore efficiently supports intestinal integrity and the development of a healthy gut flora.

NutrapH Plus the development of the Nutra-pH Plus Concept provides highly effective blends of organic acids and their salts for animal nutrition. The Nutra-pH Plus products combine formic, lactic and citric acid also with other selected acids, in some cases microencapsulated.

Because Nutra-pH Plus provides highly available organic calcium, it is possible to formulate diets with lower acid binding capacity, improving nutrient digestion and performance especially in young animals.

NutrapH Zn is a special acidifying agent for drinking water of pigs and poultry. Nutra-pH Zn is enriched with zinc and magnesium for a better bone formation and resistance of the skin.